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General Discussion

At under 5 pounds for my current base pack weight (technically Super Ultralight - SUL) I'm on the lower end of ultralight backpacking. My equipment list is intended work for me in the conditions as described at the end of this page. It should not be relied upon in extreme environmental conditions, especially by those unfamiliar with ultralight backpacking techniques.

What Makes My List Work?

The Big Three — Pack, Shelter, and Sleep System — Save 10 to 12 Pounds

A Brief List of Other Notable Weight Savings



You should not attempt to emulate mine, or any other ultralight equipment list, unless you are an experienced backpacker and have a good idea of what you’re doing. Not having the right equipment, and/or unfamiliarity with ultralight backpacking techniques, could result in serious problems, injury, or even death. Work up to lighter equipment a bit at a time with judicious testing on short outings. Take plenty of backup equipment until you have confidence that your ultralight equipment will keep you warm and safe. This takes time. Don’t rush it.

My ultralight lists (7.6 lb UL and 4.7 lb SUL) are limited to:

I have a second list, with slightly more gear (6 to 8 lb) that is for: (Not currently posted)