Utah 2007

Down to Esclante/Grand Staircase for some technical canyoneering
A superb slickrock campsite and the mother of all swimming holes.
Alison under a huge overhanging canyon wall.
Midway up canyon.
Looking down a very long canyon. It took us two days to hike, wade, bushwack, and climb to this point.
Challenging navigation. Always keep map in hand.
The very small object that appears to be holding up the boulder (right hand side) is Alan's backpack. We left the pack to take in dip in the pothole (next picture).
After 8 brutal hours on slickrock and relentless 90 degree sun, a pothole seems likes nirvana. What us swim?
A Wingate sidewalk above the canyon. EZ walking for miles (albeit a bit sloping).
Navajo sandstone domes, Kayanta sandstone (rubble in middle), and Wingate ledge (bottom) which is how we travelled down canyon.
At the right time of day the canyon walls glow red.
Just out of the canyon bottom via a Class 3 crack. Next a delicate traverse along narrow Kayenta ledges.
Ledge traverse complete. Whew!
The reward! Another dip in an inviting pothole.
Alison liked this lone Navajo dome.
Al also liked this attached arch.
Yet another technical climb out of the canyon bottom and back to traversing along a Wingate bench.
And looking upcanyon to its origin.
A class 4+ climb out of the canyon and down into the next canyon via a Convenient gap (pass) in the Navajo sandstone.
Rewarded with superb slickrock walking above a deep canyon.
End of the canyon.
And the Escalante river far below.
Our camp for evening. A small ledge above a humungous pouroff.
Our only rain of the trip that night. We carefully pitched the tarp to avoid this flowering cactus.
Birdseye view of camp the next morning.
Fairly sure these are cougar tracks along the bank of the Esclante.
There was a huge water event the year before that uprooted this large Cotton wood and transported it far downstream.
Lunch and a dip as we exit the Escalante up a side canyon.
Sleeping on warm slickrock in our new two person bivy. It's like sleeping on top of a warm waterbottle. Relaxes your whole body into blissful sleep.
Catching the last rays of the day.
We take a day at Zion to decompress after Escalante. Alison coming down from Angel's Landing. We were the first up that morning and were breakfasting at the lodge by 8:00.
Zion from the top of Angel's Landing.